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Dali IO-6 - Army Green

Dali IO-6 - Iron Black
Dali IO-6 - Iron Black
Dali IO-6 - Iron Black
Dali IO-6 - Iron Black
Dali IO-6 - Iron Black
Dali IO-6 - Iron Black
Dali IO-6 - Iron Black
Dali IO-6 - Iron Black
Dali IO-6 - Iron Black
Dali IO-6 - Iron Black
Dali IO-6 - Iron Black
Dali IO-6 - Iron Black
Dali IO-6 - Army Green
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  • Brand: Dali
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  • EAN: 5703120112084
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With DALI's 35+ years of experience in creating high quality loudspeakers, we decided to use our passion and expertise to create the wireless DALI IO-6 - dedicated to today’s music lovers.

With our passion for music reproduction, we were convinced that we could do with headphones what we have done with speakers; provide a better sounding product that delivers music experiences superior to the established competition.

Headphones are essentially a pair of small loudspeakers mounted on your head. They are your personal set of portable hi-fi speakers that enable you to take that authentic DALI sound with you wherever you go.

The DALI IO-6 with Active Noise Cancellation are intended to be the perfect travel companion for those ‘on the go’ situations.


With DALI IO headphones, users benefit from more than 35 years of experience designing some of the finest hi-fi loudspeakers in the world. The DALI IO-6 is designed and engineered by the same team and to the same basic principles as any other DALI loudspeaker. The aim is to create the most natural and authentic sound possible - and to reproduce music exactly as intended by the artist.

Being a loudspeaker company, we fully understand the importance of a high performance driver. It was a big surprise for us to discover that within the headphone industry, drivers are often considered as cheap commodity components, with no real engineering attention paid to them.

The DALI IO-6 headphones utilise a high quality custom designed driver with a large 50 mm diaphragm and an optimised neodymium magnet system to achieve low distortion, minimal colouration and accurate dynamics throughout the entire frequency range.

The large diameter driver ensures linear operation with minimum compression. This, together with the well controlled breakups of the paper fibre cone diaphragm means that even the most minute music details stand out crystal clear. It also means that the sound never gets tiring, even after hours of listening.


The DALI IO-6 is a closed-back unit, designed to provide a high level of natural passive noise isolation (PNI). However, low frequency noise cannot be removed passively, which is why the DALI IO-6 employs the latest ANC technology to remove background noise.

The DALI IO-6 offers three different ANC modes that enable you to choose how much of the surrounding noise, you want to cancel out: ANC ON, ANC OFF and Transparency mode.

When ANC is activated, the IO-6 actively cancels low frequency noise - eg. in the shape of a repeating and rhythmic deep background rumble. Be it in the office, on an airplane, bus or train or when mowing the lawn.

When ANC is deactivated, you will still experience a high degree of isolation due to the sealed closure of the soft ear pads - providing a natural PNI.

The third mode, Transparency, bypasses the Passive Noise Isolation (PNI) by feeding external ambient audio into the headphone audio. The headphones effectively become one-way (out to in) acoustically transparent.

Removing the background noise helps you to relax and enjoy your favourite music whether it be at home or on the go. Along with reducing the annoyance of external noise, noise cancelling improves the audibility of music detail, meaning you can listen at lower volume – reducing the potential of long term hearing damage.

You can easily toggle between the three ANC modes with a dedicated button placed conventionally on the rim of the right ear cup - making it easy to acces even with gloves.


The DALI IO headphones have been ergonomically optimised and designed with the right amount of adjustability to ensure a comfortable fit to any user.

A headphone's ear pad is the primary contact point between head and headphones. For maximum comfort, it must be soft and compliant to distribute the headband pressure evenly.

The ear pads of the DALI IO-6 are made from memory foam that naturally shapes to the head, therefore creating the best possible seal, which is important for a consistent acoustic performance. The pads are covered in soft synthetic leather, chosen for maximum comfort and durability.

The DALI IO-6 has been designed with the lowest possible weight in mind. The weight of the headphones was an extremely important factor for long term comfort over long periods of use. The material choice of every individual component has been carefully selected in order to achieve minimum weight without compromising quality or durability.

The headphones are been designed with real use in mind and have been tested to meet all real life challenges. So we made sure they are IP53 certified and that the ear cups are able to rotate 90 degrees both ways in order to fold flat for compact storage or to hang comfortably around the neck.


Go for days without recharging. Our advanced lithium-ion battery delivers peerless playback on a single charge. Up to a best-in-class 30 hours for the IO-6 – even with noise cancelling active.

Long battery life grants freedom from worrying about running out of power. The DALI IO-6 uses a very large capacity, high quality, li-ion battery of 1100mAh.

We have made sure that you are always aware of the current battery status. A voice prompt report the state of the battery level every time you turn on your DALI IO-6. The battery level is also indicated visually by two multi-colour LED indicators on the right ear cup.

Even if you should run out of power, the IO's passive mode keeps the music alive. Just plug in the included Mini Jack cable, and let your audio device run the DALI IO-6 in "Off" mode.


Hoofdtelefoon systeemGesloten behuizing circumaural (om het oor)
Full Range luidsprekerunit50 mm ‘free edge’ conus van papiervezel
Frequentiebereik (+/- 3 dB) [Hz]10 - 20,000
Maximum SPL [dB]100
Aansluiting IngangBluetooth™ 5.0
3.5 mm Mini Jack
Draadloze Ingang(en)Bluetooth 5.0, AAC, aptX, aptX HD
Magnetische AfschermingNo
Bluetooth™ Koppelen/Ontkoppelen
Volume Omhoog/Omlaag
Afspelen/Pauze/Nummer Skippen
Gesprek Aannemen
ANC Modus (Aan/Transparancy/Uit)
RuisonderdrukkingActive Noise Cancellation (ANC)
Handenvrij bellen en stemcommando’sClear Voice Communication (CVC)
Battery Playback TimeTot 30 uur
Battery Charge Time2.5 uur
Meegeleverde AccessoiresUSB-C Kabel
3,5 mm stereo kabel
Vervangbare oorkussensJa
Gewicht [kg]325 g
Compact opbergenOpvouwbaar
IP WaardeIP53
Analoge Uitgangsgevoeligheid [mV]200 mV rms / 175 mV rms

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