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Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)

Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
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Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
Argon Audio Forte A5 MK2 - Walnut (Per Pair)
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  • Brand: Argon Audio
  • Hi-Fi+ Code: 34100947
  • EAN: 5706957014484
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This product is also in stock in our store in Berlare

With FORTE MK2, we continue to set new standards in the active speakers category. Featuring fully digital amplification with four separate channels for the tweeters and woofers, custom drivers with ultra-low distortion and pretty much all the connections you’d ever need, including HDMI ARC, the FORTE MK2 series delivers performance you won't find anywhere else at this price.

FORTE A5 MK2 might not seem that much bigger than its little brother, the A4’s, but even a little here makes a big difference. With a bigger enclosure and a slightly bigger bass driver, you just get a lot more of what makes the FORTE-series so great. Perfect for small living rooms or kitchens!

  • HDMI ARC for plug-and-play TV sound
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD and AAC support
  • Digital inputs supporting High-Res audio up to 24-bit/96kHz
  • Turntable (MM) input
  • Audiophile and fully digital 4 x 80 watt Class D amplifier utilizing advanced DSP with active crossover for pristine sound
  • Custom-designed woofers with a special 2-layer cone and ultra-low distortion motor system
  • Stylish Danish design


  • Treble: 1" softdome with neodymium magnet
  • Bass/Midrange: 5"
  • Frequency range: 40-20,000 Hz ± 3dB
  • 4 x 80 watt (Class D, RMS)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD and AAC
  • Inputs: HDMI, Optical, Analogue RCA, Phono (MM)
  • Subwoofer output
  • 5V USB Output
  • Tone control: No
  • Auto power up on all inputs except phono
  • Front fabric magnetically attached
  • Colors: Black, White, Walnut
  • 5-meter speaker cable and remote included
  • Dimensions: 16,5 x 27,0 x 23 cm (incl. front grille and terminals) (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 8,2 kg (set)


FORTE MK2 utilizes a fully digital amplifier with digital modulation. Digital sources are kept fully digital from input to output stage, ensuring there is no noise or loss in the signal path. All low-res sources are upsampled to 32-bit/96 kHz – and high-res sources up to 96 kHz are not downsampled.

The amplifier also includes a high-performance digital sound processing (DSP) with active crossover, the mid/bass woofers and tweeters have their own dedicated amplifier. A custom engineered bass driver delivers class leading performance with ultra-low distortion in the critical midrange. All of this is housed in a stylish cabinet that has been designed using advanced computer models, featuring an acoustic flow resistor between the two woofers, which eliminates standing wave resonances. Combined with careful tuning and consideration the result is an open and crisp soundstage with well-defined bass that delivers punch no matter the volume.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about all this technical mumbo-jumbo. Just press play, listen, and we promise it will all make sense.


FORTE MK2 sports a HDMI ARC input, which means you can finally throw away that cheap plastic soundbar underneath your TV and get some real stereo sound, without compromising on ease-of-use. Just connect your FORTE MK2 speakers with an HDMI cable to your TVs HDMI ARC output, and you’re good to go! Now you get real hi-fi sound losslessly transferred from your TV, the speakers will automatically turn on and off with the TV, and you can even use your TV remote to control the volume of the speakers – it’s that easy.

Of course, there’s also the Bluetooth connection if you just want to listen to some sweet tunes. Just pair your phone, your tablet, or any other device, and you’re good to go. The high-quality Bluetooth aptX HD-connection gives you impressive clarity; it’s basically as good as CD-quality. There’s also a couple of plug-and play-ports for your record player, an external streamer or whatever you want. Speaker- and power cables are included in the box - all you need to do is find a power outlet.


If you’re in the market for new speakers, you’ve probably noticed how most of them look very... speakerish. And that’s not a compliment. The FORTE MK2’s on the other hand, are real lookers. Just like everything else Argon Audio makes, the FORTE-series is designed and engineered in Denmark with careful attention to detail. The aluminum detailing and the high-end finish make these speakers just as easy on the eyes as on the ears. The front fabric is magnetically attached, giving it a beautiful look when the grilles are removed. These are living room friendly, not only hi-fi showroom friendly.

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