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ArtSound Multiroom

ArtSound's Smart products open the doors to the world of streaming. It gives you easy access to your favorite music streaming services, thousands of internet radio stations, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay and much more. You can easily control all this from your smartphone or tablet.

Because they are multiroom, you can play music in different rooms and you can also connect them together.

It doesn't get smarter than this!

Brand: ArtSound Delivery Time: 2 à 4 days
The ART 1.1 is literally one on one.A single amplifier for a single zone and for a single source. It is up to you to select the zone. We selected the source: Bluetooth.This little gem produces an amazingly large sound. Linked to your inwall speaker, this perfect combination will provide any ..
€ 119,00
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Brand: ArtSound Delivery Time: 2 à 4 days
SMART STREAMThe Smart Stream is a preamplifier that expands your existing music system into the world of streaming. Welcome internet radio, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, bluetooth, AirPlay and much more! No more FM radio? Poor DAB reception? The Smart Stream is the solution. With the 4STREAM app, you g..
€ 179,00
Ex Tax:€ 147,93
Brand: ArtSound Delivery Time: 2 à 4 days
The Hyde, what's in a name? This amplifier is so small and light that you can hide it wherever you want: in a false ceiling, behind the sofa, in the cupboard ... Not that you must, per se, because it looks smart and minimalistic anyway, but you may prefer to put other objects on display. Nonethe..
€ 249,00
Ex Tax:€ 205,79
Brand: ArtSound Delivery Time: 2 à 4 days
This SMART HYDE is just as easy to conceal as its little brother HYDE, but it is also smart. Small as it is, the world it gives you access to is enormous, via Spotify, BT, Airplay ... Do you have any other devices in the house? No problem, that's what the AUX-in is for. It owes its powerful and ..
€ 399,00
Ex Tax:€ 329,75
Brand: ArtSound Delivery Time: 2 à 4 days
The AMP850 is a multi-channel amplifier that allows you to drive up to eight (mono) or four (stereo) speaker zones. Each stereo loudspeaker zone is allocated the generous power of 2 x 50 watts. The AMP850 serves as the powerhouse of an existing multiroom system or you can use it in combination with ..
€ 999,00
Ex Tax:€ 825,62
Brand: ArtSound Delivery Time: 2 à 4 days
The SMART ZONE 4 is a streaming pre-amplifier with 4 zones. You are to choose the music source for each zone: internet radio, Spotify, Airplay etc. give it a go. Would you like to connect additional external sources? There are plenty of inputs and outputs! And should 4 zones not ..
€ 999,00
Ex Tax:€ 825,62
Brand: ArtSound Delivery Time: 2 à 4 days
The Smart Zone 4 AMP is a streaming amplifier for 4 zones. For each zone, you get to choose the music source: internet radio, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Airplay ... let yourself go. Want to plug in additional external sources? Plenty of inputs and outputs to choose from! And if 4 zones aren't enoug..
€ 1.999,00
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