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Apart CONCEPT1T (100 volt)

Apart CONCEPT1T (100 volt)
Apart CONCEPT1T (100 volt)
Apart CONCEPT1T (100 volt)
Apart CONCEPT1T (100 volt)
Apart CONCEPT1T (100 volt)
  • Delivery Time: 3 to 6 days
  • Brand: Apart Audio
  • Hi-Fi+ Code: 34100586
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Other Variants

  • Apart CONCEPT1

    Apart CONCEPT1

    2-zone integrated stereo mixing amplifierFor a long time, installers worldwide have been unhappy..

For a long time, installers worldwide have been unhappy with consumer electronics and they were looking for a professional integrated amplifier for use in commercial environments, boardrooms or small businesses designed for 24/7 operation. Therefore, we developed the CONCEPT1T, a stereo or two mono channel (2 x 60 watts in 100 volt) amplifier for small and medium-sized projects.

This CONCEPT1T 100-volt integrated mixing amplifier can operate with one stereo zone, two volume-linked zones or two individual-volume zones. The unit can be controlled via RS232 that makes integration into your AV solution possible. The built-in limiters and system design guarantee a failsafe solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To make the life of the end-user as easy as can be, the CONCEPT1T has user settings and installer settings. Only the absolute necessary features like volume, tone control and source selection can be adjusted by the end-user. The other advanced settings (operation mode settings, maximum music and mic volume, gain input adjustment, automatic loudness on/off, paging on/off per zone) can be configured and secured by the installer.


  • dynamic output power 8 ohms: 2 x 75 watts
  • minimum impedance load per channel: 167 ohms
  • power consumption (max): <200 watts
  • 19´ (483 mm wide) rack mounting: yes
  • depth (incl front): 314 mm
  • power supply: 230 VAC
  • line input unbalanced: 4
  • cooling system: convection
  • applicable in 100V: yes
  • Net weight product (kg): 8.20

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