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Power Amplifiers (PRO)

Brand: Apart Audio Delivery Time: 3 to 6 days
Convection cooled 4-channel power amplifierThe CHAMP-4 versatile power amplifier is a part of the revolutionary CHAMP-series of convection cooled power amplifiers what makes this unit maintenance free. The CHAMP-4 has no fan inside which implicates the amplifier works very silent and it stays du..
€ 738,46
Ex Tax:€ 610,30
Brand: Apart Audio Delivery Time: 2 to 5 days
Convection cooled 3-channel digital power amplifierThe CHAMP-3D is a 3-channel fully programmable digital amplifier with all the essential features to meet your customer’s expectations. This versatile power center is ideal for medium to mid-sized applications up to 2100 watts and because o..
€ 1.875,86
Ex Tax:€ 1.550,30
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