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Payment options

At Hi-Fi+ you can make payments using a variety of methods. Whichever method you choose, you can always pay safely and without extra costs.


The most popular payment method in Belgium.
Bancontact is the Belgian market leader when it comes to electronic payments. It offers a wide variety of payment services in addition to online payments, like in-store card transactions. This makes Bancontact a well-known and trusted name in Belgium. Payments with Bancontact are always protected by 3D-secure technology.

Credit card

The most widely used online payment method in the world.
Customers receive a line of credit and pay back the amount they spent in one go, generally at the end of the month. Many of the world’s leading credit card brands give customers a sense of security and most of them offer extensive buyer’s protection and insurances. Credit cards work just like debit cards (Maestro, Bancontact) with a payment schedule. Currently we support Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Cartes Bancaires.


The most used online payment method in the Netherlands.
It’s a trusted, secure and convenient way of paying online. iDEAL is seamlessly integrated with the online banking products of the 10 largest Dutch consumer banks. Customers of these banks log in to their online banking environment to transfer payments.

KBC/CBC Payment Button

Method for Belgium’s biggest consumer bank.
The KBC/CBC Payment Button is an online payment method for customers of the KBC and CBC, Belgium’s largest consumer banks. KBC is the Flanders’ branch while CBC services Wallonia. Both branches offer their customers a payment button with which online payments can be transferred quickly and easily. When customers pay through the KBC/CBC Payment Button they transfer the payment directly from their own, trusted online banking environment. Apart from being a secure and guaranteed payment method, KBC/CBC also allows their customers to pay amounts between 50 and 1.250 euro up to 2 months later.

Belfius Pay Button

Method of choice for 1 million Belfius customers.
Belfius is one of Belgium’s biggest banks and provides its customers with its own online payment method. Customers with a Belfius bank account can use this payment method to transfer payments directly from Belfius’ online banking environment or through the bank’s smartphone app.

Apple Pay

Pay with your Apple device.
Apple Pay is Apple's own payment method, available in more than 35 countries for all Apple users. It uses the Wallet app, in which a consumer places their payment cards. The actual payment method therefore depends on the cards that are placed in the Wallet app. Currently, only credit cards are supported.

Klarna - Pay Later

Klarna gives you the option to pay for your online order afterwards. You have up to 30 days after delivery to make the payment.
Do you want to use this? When checking out the products in your shopping cart, choose Klarna - Pay later as the payment method. After your delivery you will receive a VAT invoice from us and within 1 week after your delivery you will receive a payment request from Klarna by email. You then have 30 days to pay the amount to Klarna via iDEAL or by bank transfer. It takes an average of 48 hours for an order to be processed by Klarna, after which you can pay.
Do you have questions about your payment, your invoice or do you want to ask another question? Then we would like to refer you to Klarna.
Maximum order amount
The maximum order amount is € 1500,00. It can sometimes happen that the amount is rejected, for this we refer you to Klarna.
I am a business customer, can I also choose 'Klarna - Pay Later'?
Unfortunately not. Klarna is only possible for private customers.
Can I combine 'Klarna - Pay Later' with gift vouchers or a voucher?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to use this if you choose 'Klarna - Pay Later'.

Klarna - Pay Now

‘Pay Now' offers one-click payment, and automatically asks for additional information if needed. This makes it an ideal payment method for quick purchases.
Do you want to use this? When checking out the products in your shopping cart, choose Klarna - Pay now as the payment method.
The first time you use 'Klarna - Pay now', Klarna will ask you to enter additional information. Customers who have previously used Klarna's 'Pay Now' payment method can then pay with one click.

Klarna - Pay in 3 instalments

What is Pay in 3 installments and how does it work?
Do you want to use this? When checking out the products in your shopping cart, choose Klarna - Pay in 3 installments as the payment method.
'Pay in 3 installments' is an alternative to traditional credit without interest, where it is possible to pay for your order in 3 equal parts. Payments will be automatically debited from the registered credit card or linked bank account every 30 days until the order is fully paid. You can change your registered card or bank account in the Klarna App!
Who can use this payment method?
This payment method is only valid if you live in the Netherlands.
Minimum order amount
The minimum order amount is € 200.00.

Gift vouchers

Do someone a favor or treat yourself.
We accept electronic gift vouchers from Sodexo and Monizze. This payment method is only possible for Belgian customers and via our online store.
Do you only want to pay part of the payment with gift vouchers?
You first choose to pay with gift vouchers and you can then pay the remaining amount with another payment method.
What happens if I return a product that was paid with gift vouchers?
Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. If you return a product purchased with gift vouchers, you will receive a Hifiplus gift voucher with the value of the returned product.
Can you pay with meal vouchers?
These are not accepted in either our webshop or physical store.

SEPA Bank Transfer

Available to shoppers from 34 countries.
SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. SEPA was introduced by the European Council to streamline the European payments structure. With SEPA, bank transfers can be done from any European checking account to any other European checking account. Paying by bank transfer is a very familiar and safe way for customers to pay online. You use your own trusted online banking environment to transfer money. SEPA bank transfers are supported in 34 countries.


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