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Party Speakers

Party speakers have many different features, making them a versatile choice for any party application. They have a range of inputs to connect different devices, and they provide built-in controls that allow you to customize their sound to your liking. These party speakers are a user-friendly and powerful addition to your event.

Bluetooth is a common form of connectivity with party speakers, allowing you to pair your smart device with the speaker(s) and stream audio wirelessly. When using Bluetooth, you can play audio from any app or website of your choice, which is great for home parties or casual gatherings as you're not limited in the music you want to play.

Standard wired inputs are another connectivity option, usually in the form of stereo RCA or AUX inputs. These inputs allow you to connect devices without wireless functionality, such as a CD player, computer or other device. A wired audio connection is more reliable than wireless streaming and also offers better sound quality, although many people might not notice the difference in quality between a Bluetooth and a wired signal.

Microphone inputs are also very common - giving you the freedom to speak or sing through the speakers. This is great for karaoke parties, and these speakers often also have built-in effects like echo and delay, allowing you to customize the sound of your voice.

EQ controls are usually available in the form of bass and treble knobs, which allow you to boost or cut the low and high frequencies that are playing. This can be very helpful as some minor adjustments may be needed to achieve the best sound.

Brand: ArtSound Delivery Time: 2 à 4 days
The PWR09 is the portable speaker that combines power with finesse. With its powerful double woofers and light show it stimulates all the senses, even outdoors! You can take it with you wherever you go - that's what the solid handle is for - and use it anywhere, with or without a tripod. Play mu..
€ 399,00
Ex Tax:€ 329,75
Brand: ArtSound Delivery Time: 2 à 4 days
The PWR12 combines power with finesse. With its 1500 Watts, it will transform any venue into a presentation room or excellent party. Even outdoors, it will effortlessly address each of the senses. This powerhouse will stay in control in any environment. It can be applied anywhere, using the micropho..
€ 999,00
Ex Tax:€ 825,62
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